Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Programs

  • Early access to literacy is vital in building a strong foundation of a child's education.
  • Implement state-wide initiatives to ensure every child has access to quality VPK programs.
  • Collaborate with early childhood educators to create a curriculum that nurtures critical thinking and creativity.
  • Increase funding to support the expansion of VPK programs, making them accessible to all families, regardless of income.

Protecting Parental Rights and Empowering Our Teachers

  • Prioritize education over politics, focusing on what matters most- our students' future.
  • Supporting our teachers and expanding services like social work within our schools, we ensure every student receives the care and guidance they need to thrive.
  • Strengthen policies that respect parental input and involvement in educational decisions affecting their children.
  • Empower teachers through professional development opportunities, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to support student success.

Raising Career and Technical Education (CTE or Vocational) Visibility

  • Expanding and adding transportation to our already successful programs.
  • Partnerships with local businesses will provide our students with real-world experience, encouraging them to contribute to local economic growth.
  • Develop more flexible CTE pathways that cater to diverse student interests and regional job market demands.
  • Increase state and federal funding to upgrade CTE facilities and resources, ensuring students have access to the latest technologies and tools.