Advocating Excellence in Brevard Education

Where and When?

Amber in August

In order to win the privilege of representing you in the November general election, Amber first needs your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, August 20th.

Be sure you're registered to vote before then, and don't forget: you can pre-register now if you'll be turning 18 before the election.


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Where's District 3?

Since the last election, the school board districts have been redrawn to match the County Commission Districts. District 3 is now the southeastern part of Brevard.

Brevard County District 3 (click to view full-sized)

Campaign Platform

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Programs

  • Early access to literacy is vital in building a strong foundation of a child's education.
  • Implement state-wide initiatives to ensure every child has access to quality VPK programs.
  • Collaborate with early childhood educators to create a curriculum that nurtures critical thinking and creativity.
  • Increase funding to support the expansion of VPK programs, making them accessible to all families, regardless of income.

Protecting Parental Rights and Empowering Our Teachers

  • Prioritize education over politics, focusing on what matters most- our students' future.
  • Supporting our teachers and expanding services like social work within our schools, we ensure every student receives the care and guidance they need to thrive.
  • Strengthen policies that respect parental input and involvement in educational decisions affecting their children.
  • Empower teachers through professional development opportunities, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to support student success.

Raising Career and Technical Education (CTE or Vocational) Visibility

  • Expanding and adding transportation to our already successful programs.
  • Partnerships with local businesses will provide our students with real-world experience, encouraging them to contribute to local economic growth.
  • Develop more flexible CTE pathways that cater to diverse student interests and regional job market demands.
  • Increase state and federal funding to upgrade CTE facilities and resources, ensuring students have access to the latest technologies and tools.

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